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Politics & Life Sciences (PLS) with Dean L. Fanelli, Ph.D.

Mar 25, 2022

US has officially accused Putin's forces of committing war crimes against civilians in Ukraine: Blinken condemns 'brutal' attacks on schools, hospitals, children and the 2,400 killed in Mariupol

Gas price stimulus checks proposals head to Congress

NRCC Poll Shows Democrats Are in Trouble Across 77 Battleground Congressional Districts

Home Depot hammered for shaming employees for their ‘white privilege’


Featured Guest: Tamara Lashchyk,

Many Americans feel their freedoms are being infringed upon. Lockdowns, mask and vaccination mandates were the mechanisms that brought our attention to the fact that our liberties are being eroded. This is a mere glimpse into the future, says conservative commentator Tamara Lashchyk, who warns that continued government infringement under the guise of “public health” and “the greater good” will result in the end of a free society.

She says electronic passports are a step toward consolidating all citizen information with one technology that, incidentally, is the same one China used to enforce its “one-child” policy and administer a social credit score. A new effort is now underway to implement a “programmable” digital currency in countries such as Canada and the UK that will control how citizens spend their money.

Tamara says, “We are headed towards an authoritarian world!” Tamara has been interviewed by the BBC and featured in Huffington Post and co-hosts “The Bo Peep Podcast” which probes the answers to questions that we are afraid to ask. A career coach, author, and former Wall Street executive, she recently ran for the New York State Assembly.