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Politics & Life Sciences (PLS) with Dean L. Fanelli, Ph.D.

Jan 29, 2021

Politics & Life Sciences (PLS) Radio

Dr Oliver Ratmann - Imperial College London-Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics, Lecturer in Statistics
Oliver focuses on developing statistical methods to characterise the spread of infectious diseases, and to guide public health interventions. He has developed novel ways of harnessing viral sequence data in combination with time-resolved patient data to measure the population-level impact of interventions, most notably on mitigating the burden of HIV.

Novel molecular epidemiological methods for next generation sequencing data (part of Phylogenetics and Networks of Generalised HIV epidemics in Africa);

Harnessing time-resolved patient records to contextualise and understand spread of HIV at the city level in Amsterdam, especially among men & women with a migration background (with HIV transmission elimination initiative Amsterdam);

New tools to characterise spread of HIV in Seattle USA in near real time (part of NIH R01 with University of Washington); please see the Research page for details.

Topic: Adults age 20 to 49 are biggest COVID-19 spreaders in US, study says (Guest gave quote in article)

Adults age 20 to 49 are the biggest spreaders of COVID-19 in the US, according to British researchers who say targeting this age group for vaccination could hasten school reopenings.

A team at Imperial College London used cellphone data from more than 10 million people to calculate that 65 of 100 infections originated from those ages 20 to 49 in the US.

They found that people in that age bracket accounted for about 72 percent of the cases after schools reopened in October. Less than 5 percent came from children, and less than 10 percent from teens.

Adults ages 35 to 49 accounted for 41 percent of new cases through mid-August, compared to 35 percent for adults ages 20 to 34, according to the peer-reviewed study published in Science.

“We find adults aged 20-49 are a main driver of the COVID-19 epidemic in the United State and are the only age groups contributing disproportionally to onward spread, relative to their population size,” Imperial College’s Dr. Melodie Monod said.